Style Guide

Choosing the style and design of your cake should be one of the most exciting decisions you will make when planning your wedding! Anything that involves style and eating at the one time has to be good!

It is ideal to spend some time prior to your consultation to think about your overall wedding theme. You could brainstorm some ideas by looking at images online (Pinterest is always good!), browse bridal magazines and to think about what sort of cake design is going to enhance your wedding reception. Think about all the elements involved, after all, the cake usually sits in a focal point in the room for most of the evening. The cake is an opportunity to make a statement and enhance the atmosphere of the room.

Ask yourself some questions when planning your cake.

  • Do you want the design of the cake to reflect the theme of your wedding? ie vintage, beach, tropical, winter or traditional?
  • Would you like the cake to be fun a quirky and inject a bit of humor into the evening?
  • Is your venue traditional, old or does it have very modern styling and clean lines? How will the cake reflect this?
  • Are there unique elements on your dress or your bridesmaids dresses that you would like reflected in the cake?
  • Would you like a more formal looking cake or something simple and perhaps rustic?
  • What environmental elements could affect your cake choice? ie Will the cake be in a marquee? Is the wedding in the middle of summer?
  • Would you like the cake to have fresh flowers or sugar flowers?
  • Do you like the look of a round or square cake, perhaps a combination of both or an unusual shape and style?
  • Do you want a cake topper or handmade figurines? How will the design work with this?
  • How will the cake be presented? Are you going to use a cake stand or a unique presentation? Or will the cake be part of a larger dessert table?
  • Will the cake be served as dessert or will it be a small serve with coffee?